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COVID-19 might be on its way out thanks to COVID-19 vaccinations, but it’s not over. Even in Hawaii, separated from the mainland United States, there have been over 75,000 COVID cases so far. As we collectively strive for herd immunity, it’s more important than ever to make sure you get regular tests for COVID, especially if you are returning to work.

This is doubly true if you’re visiting beautiful Maui on vacation. While Maui County is more breathtaking than ever, the state of Hawaii is also a relatively closed environment. It's all too easy for a virus like COVID-19 to spread if we aren't all careful.

The best way to make sure you’re still healthy is to get an occasional COVID-19 travel test. While several drive-through COVID testing locations are available, Next Health provides a safer, cleaner solution: COVID-19 testing at our location with our trusted partner, the Four Seasons resort in Maui.

With Next Health, you can get quick, safe COVID tests whenever you need one at our luxury facility. Let's explore what you can expect from a COVID-19 test at Next Health Maui.

What Types of COVID Testing Are Available?

At both our Four Seasons testing center and all our other locations, we offer a few different types of COVID tests based on CDC recommendations and guidance for face masks.

It's always a good idea to follow Hawaii's pre-travel testing program if you're planning to come to Maui on vacation, just like it's wise to get a post-arrival test at a trusted testing location. Trans-Pacific travelers arriving in Kahului airport or other locations previously had to get tested on arrival and receive a negative test result or face a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Now you only need to show proof of a negative test. But it’s still a good idea to get tested. Next Health is a trusted testing partner and a great place to get COVID tests. We follow all CDC recommendations and guidance for face masks, of course.

Here's a breakdown of the tests we offer.

Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing

This COVID-19 test is quick and accurate and can give you results in about 20 minutes after being sent to our laboratories. With 98 percent accuracy, it’s the perfect COVID test if you need same-day results with a minimum of fuss.

Antibody COVID-19 Test

We also offer Antibody COVID-19 Tests. They only require a quick, 5 to 10-minute appointment. Though these tests require a blood draw, they are very accurate and can provide results within approximately three days. By looking for COVID antibodies, this Next Health test can inform you if you had a previous infection of COVID-19, even if you are asymptomatic or previously had a negative COVID-19 test result.

Each antibody test is performed in a clean and safe environment per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Best of all, there’s no line or hassle since each test is performed by appointment only.

Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test

Last but not least, Next Health Maui also offers Rapid PCR COVID-19 Testing with a nasal swab. This test specifically looks at the levels of viral antigens that may be present within your body. You can get results in as little as 24 hours or expedited results in as little as six hours.

Home Testing Options

In certain cases, you may be able to have a Next Health professional come to your home or office to perform the Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test. For just a small fee, you can skip the potential hassle of meeting us at our Four Seasons location and ensure a minimum of public exposure before your test.

Corporate/Group Rates and Appointments

Need your entire office or a larger group to get tested for COVID-19? We offer convenient testing packages for a whole party of Hawaii residents or even yourself and one or more travel partners for as little as $99 per test. You can pre-register, then special group rates at progressive discounts for up to 200 patients. Both our Antigen and PCR tests are available for groups of corporate offices.

Additionally, we can provide mobile testing for your office and come to a hotel or work location with a travel fee of $250. If your group is larger than 50, the fee is waived.

With Next Health Maui, it’s easier than ever to get you and your entire office tested for COVID ASAP!

The Next Health Difference

You can find COVID-19 tests at a variety of wellness locations, drive-through stations, and other clinics. But Next Health’s COVID testing provides a safe, clean experience superior to tests anywhere else.

In fact, stopping by our Maui location is the best way to get tested for COVID if you’re due for a checkup. Why?

Four Seasons Maui and Next Health are collaborating at this unique location to offer a combination of our most popular therapies and restorative techniques. Alongside COVID-19 testing, you'll find:

  • IV therapy
  • NAD+ Therapy
  • Vitamin and peptide shots
  • Comprehensive genetic tests
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Micronutrient and heavy metal tests

All of these services are available as soon as you walk outdoors. Even better, our Maui location benefits from Four Seasons’ comfortable amenities and Maui scenery – where else can you get tested for COVID-19 while enjoying beachside views?

Perhaps most importantly, a trained wellness professional performs each COVID-19 test administered at Next Health Maui. Your comfort will be considered at every step of the process, so if you’re afraid of needles, find the nasal swab to be uncomfortable, or need test results fast, we can work with you to make sure your COVID-19 test suits your needs.

Safe, secure, and effective – that’s COVID testing at Next Health Maui.

Get Tested For COVID at Next Health Maui Today!

Even with vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J available to the vast majority of the population, it never hurts to get a COVID test to ensure you are virus-free.

Next Health Maui is one of many resources for those traveling to visit Maui and its surrounding areas (Lahaina). Before your departure, be sure to stop by and receive a COVID test.

Staying free of COVID-19 is more important than ever as we collectively work toward herd immunity and do our best to make sure that this virus never achieves the prevalence it managed to reach in 2020. Together, we can make sure you stay healthy and reach your wellness goals without taking too much time out of your busy schedule or interrupting your vacation.

Contact us today to schedule your COVID-19 test at Next Health Maui!


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