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COVID-19 Testing Services at Next Health Studio City Los Angeles

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COVID-19 might be waning worldwide, but metropolitan hubs like Los Angeles remain hotbeds for viral transmissions. If you live in LA, it’s still a good idea to get tested for COVID-19 regularly.

Next Health Studio City makes it easier than ever to get COVID-19 tests on your schedule and for your needs. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of all the COVID-19 testing services at next health Studio City Los Angeles and how they work. Each of our tests is accurate, reliable, and comfortable.


What Kinds of COVID-19 Tests Are Available at Next Health Studio City?

At Next Health Studio City, we offer a variety of COVID-19 tests to suit your needs perfectly. Given the size and population of Los Angeles, it’s a good idea to get tested regularly despite falling COVID-19 levels worldwide. Fortunately, the below tests are suitable for different lifestyles, speed needs, and more.


COVID-19 Antibody Test

Next Health’s COVID-19 antibody test is quick, convenient, and suitable for hard workers on-the-go. It takes just a 5 to 10-minute appointment per person and checks for quantifiable COVID-19 antibodies in your bloodstream.

Because the test checks for antibodies specifically, it can tell you whether you have ever had COVID-19. Because of this, it’s a useful test to determine whether you contracted the virus at one point but were/are asymptomatic.


Rapid COVID-19 PCR Test

Next Health’s Rapid COVID-19 PCR test is ideal if you want to receive proactive COVID-19 before traveling or going to a social occasion. It’s quick and easy and only requires a nasal swab check rather than a blood draw.

Our staff members can check the nasal swab samples and detect how many viral antigens are currently within your body (if any are present at all). This test is highly accurate – even more so than the rapid antigen test described below.

Once the test is complete, you can get your results in 24 hours or pick an expedited results option to see results in as little as six hours.


Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test

Next Health’s Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test is accurate and convenient. With results in as few as 20 minutes and accuracy ratings above 90%, the Rapid Antigen Test checks for any COVID-19 antigens in your bloodstream. It's fully EUA-approved and is the ideal test if you need to know whether you have COVID-19 on the same day as your test, guaranteed.

It’s the perfect testing solution if you want to know whether you should go to work, visit a family member, or go grocery shopping.


Group COVID-19 Tests

In addition to individual tests, Next Health Studio City offers group or corporate testing appointments. These are ideal solutions if you want to make sure your family is COVID-19-free before a vacation or ensure all your workers are safe before recalling them to the office.

Testing solutions are available at $99 per test. Test prices decrease as the number of members in your tested party increase. Regardless, every test available is 98% accurate, ensuring reliability and dependability when you need both for COVID-19 security.

By setting up a group appointment, you can make sure everyone gets tested simultaneously. Group appointments are conducted at your home or office, depending on what works best for you. These include a one-time $250 travel fee.


At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Should you choose to get your COVID-19 test at home, we can accommodate you with a one-time travel fee of $250. We offer our Rapid Antigen Test for at-home visits. These are ideal solutions if you want to ensure you don't infect anyone else.

One of our wellness professionals will visit your home or office, perform the test safely and quickly, then let you know when you can expect results. To ensure patient and staff member safety, we follow all precautionary guidelines according to the CDC.


How COVID-19 Testing Works at Next Health Studio City

At Next Health Studio City, we strive to ensure that all patients are comfortable and safe throughout their experience. Our Studio City location is located in the heart of Los Angeles. This state-of-the-art location welcomes mask-wearing and currently follows social distancing guidelines to prevent congregating near doors or waiting areas.

When your appointment is ready, one of our wellness specialists will guide you through the test from start to finish, whichever one you choose. They'll answer any questions you have, offer you beverages or snacks in addition to other amenities, and help you interpret your test results.

Alternatively, they will let you know when you can expect your test results. Should you wish to try any other wellness therapies at Next Health Studio City, we’ll be happy to accommodate you as well.


Sign Up for COVID-19 Testing Today

Remaining vigilant against COVID-19 is an important responsibility we all share. You can do your part and keep to your busy schedule with COVID-19 testing services at Next Health Studio City. Contact us today to set up an appointment or to ask more questions about our testing services.



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