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COVID-19 is on the downswing, but it's still a major health consideration, especially in bustling metropolitan areas like LA. For entrepreneurs, athletes, college students, and everyone in between, staying COVID-free is a top priority. Even if you're at low risk for complications, no one wants to spread the virus to someone else.

But getting tested for COVID-19 can be taxing in terms of time and patience. No one wants to spend hours waiting in line for a COVID-19 test, only for the testing location to close down just before you get your chance! Even worse, waiting in line could expose you to the same virus you’re trying to avoid.

That’s why Next Health now offers several COVID tests to our clients. You can stop by our comfortable, clean location in West Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles Area at a time that works for you and get a COVID-19 test ideally suited for your schedule, lifestyle, and needs.


COVID-19 Test Types at Next Health West Hollywood


California is a hotbed for COVID-19, with nearly 4.5 million confirmed cases of the virus so far. To ensure that you can get tested accurately and safely, Next Health’s West Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles Area location offers various COVID test types.


Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing


With Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing, you’ll get a 98 percent accurate test result for COVID-19 in just 20 minutes or even less. Performed at our luxury location on Sunset Boulevard, this test is EUA-approved and may be the perfect COVID test if you need results on the same day as your testing appointment.

This test is ideal to know whether you can safely go to work, visit family members, or even just for peace of mind.


Antibody COVID-19 Test


Next Health West Hollywood, Los Angeles also offers Antibody COVID-19 Tests. These tests only take 5 to 10 minutes and, thanks to the thoroughness allowed by a blood draw, can provide quantifiable and highly accurate results. By checking for antibodies, if you have ever been infected with COVID-19.

Offered in a safe and clean environment, each antibody test is performed by a trained professional who will do everything to ensure you are comfortable throughout the testing process.


Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test


Want even more thorough results? Next Health’s Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test is performed through a nasal swab and can provide you with accurate results in between 6 and 24 hours.

This test allows us to give you the all-clear by checking for the levels of antigens in your body. This test type is available in group packages if you need to test multiple members of your office or family at once.


At-Home Testing Options


Not quite comfortable heading to a public clinic for a COVID-19 test? That’s okay – Next Health offers at-home testing from our West Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles Area location.

Our Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test is available by appointment at your home or your office. Just accept the "On-Demand Travel Fee" when checking out for your appointment, and you'll be set!


Group and Corporate Rates


Next Health West Hollywood in Los Angeles provides group and corporate packages and rates for each of our COVID-19 tests. Testing solutions are available for rates as low as $99 per test, and test rates go down as you add more people to your party.

With a one-time on-demand travel fee of $250, safe, accurate, and efficient COVID-19 testing is available for everyone in your workplace. Make sure your company is COVID-19-free with Next Health West Hollywood located in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


How Next Health’s COVID Testing Puts You First


Next Health West Hollywood isn’t like the other COVID-19 testing locations throughout the LA Metro area. We prioritize responsiveness, effectiveness, and cleanliness above all else.

To that end, you’ll never need to worry about waiting in line for hours on end just to get a COVID-19 test.

Instead, you’ll schedule an appointment with Next Health West Hollywood, then wait for your appointment date and time. At a convenient time, you can stop by our luxurious and scenic location, and one of our wellness professionals will guide you through the process while explaining the testing procedure.

Once the test begins, we’ll keep your comfort and peace of mind at the forefront of the session. Feel free to tell us if you’re scared of needles – we can make the test easier to bear, and it’ll be over in a snap! After your test is administered, we’ll give you guidelines about when you can expect the results or help you interpret results if they’re ready on the same day.


Get Your COVID Test at Next Health West Hollywood Today


The best way to stay COVID-free is to wear a mask, practice social distancing, follow the CDC’s guidelines, and get tested regularly. With Next Health West Hollywood in the Greater Los Angeles Area, you can get your COVID-19 test whenever you need it and enjoy many other quality wellness therapies at the same convenient location.

Contact Next Health West Hollywood today and schedule your COVID-19 appointment.



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