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At Next Health Four Seasons Resort Maui, we are committed to helping you stay healthy and rejuvenated during your vacation. With our cutting-edge health and wellness services, you can achieve optimal health and feel your best in paradise. Experience the benefits of our revolutionary ozone therapy, NAD+ therapy, or bioidentical hormone therapy, and take advantage of our full range of wellness services and advanced medical diagnostic tools. We also offer IV therapy drips and vitamin shots to target your health goals, as well as functional medicine tests to gain insight into your health and optimize your wellness. Visit us today to stay healthy and rejuvenated throughout your vacation!


3900 Wailea Alanui Dr.Wailea, HI 96753

Ozone Therapy in Four Seasons Resort Maui

Rejuvenate your body’s cells, relax your mind, and feel your best with Next Health’s revolutionary ozone therapy at Four Seasons Resort Maui.

NAD+ Therapy in Four Seasons Resort Maui

Experience the benefits of NAD+ therapy at Next Health Four Seasons Resort Maui. This powerful therapy provides your body with extra infusions of the coenzyme NAD to help your cells act and feel younger than ever, while minimizing many aging effects.

IV Therapy Drips and Vitamin Shots in Four Seasons Resort Maui

Our Four Seasons Resort Maui location offers a full range of Next Health IV drip therapy infusions and vitamin shots. All Next Health IVs start with a Myer’s cocktail base and add additional ingredients to target your health goals such as weight loss, boosting immunity, building muscle, balancing gut health, enhancing skin health, detoxing, boosting brain health, supporting longevity, recovering from a hangover, or more.

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Functional Medicine Tests in Four Seasons Resort Maui

Gain insight into your health and optimize your wellness with Next Health’s wide range of functional medicine tests at our Four Seasons Resort Maui location. From genetic testing to gut health analysis and more, our tests can provide valuable information about your body and help you develop a personalized plan for optimal health.

Visit us today to experience the benefits for yourself!